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Cafe Del Mar Ibiza

Home of chill out music the cafe Del Mar was founded in the early 80's and since then it seems it's popularity has increased every year. the music available on cd's sell in the millions, yet the cafe still retains its magic for first time visitors. The cafe opens at 4pm and closes when quiet abut 1am, by which time all the party goes have moved into the night clubs. Come early if you want a seat, they don't serve food just drinks, so have a snack before going.

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Sunset at Cafe Del Mar

After so many years Cafe Del Mar is still going strong and the sunset strip continues to grow, if you do one thing in your visit to Ibiza as a luxury treat, go to cafe Del Mar order champagne and watch the sunset. if you can't get there have a sample with this movie Ibiza Sunset They dont serve food and the drinks and view are better at other bars near by, however there is only one Cafe Del Mar so relax and let it all soak in.
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cafe del mar is in the San Antonio area of Ibiza. This is mainly full of English tourists on cheap weekended holidays, its best to get over there, see the sunset and leave back to the ibiza town and surrounding areas where there are much nicer hotels

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